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E-Press Kit
Welcome to our electronic press page for event producers and news media outlets only.

Please find high quality pictures for newspaper, news, articles, flyers etc... also web quality for your venue site and social media. Take advantage of our full size event poster ready for download to use for your show. Just fill it in. Size 11x17 Poster.
A high resolution biography can also be found below as we request ALL, to use our most recent version. We would enjoy a photo credit be noted on media such as magazines and newsletters - Dreama Stephenson Photography.

 Just right click any item and choose "save as" to your computer. Event Producers note top picture is for flyers and handouts.
Thanks for your cooperation in changing all past pictures you have on file to this current image.


Picture left for promoters: Flyers, newspapers, articles and all
Social Media platforms.


Low Res Click here to download - Headshot for Venue Web/Social Media
High Res Click here to download - Headshot for Event Producers/Print Media




Larry Stephenson Band Bio


Click Below to download
the Larry Stephenson Band Bio

LSB Band Bio  Full Version
LSB Band Bio  Paragraph Vers

Download this Larry Stephenson 11x17 Poster
by clicking here and then choose DOWNLOAD
from the upper right-hand corner.

Then simply fill -in YOUR SHOW's venue info, date & time and send to your printer.
Please leave all of our info already on the poster - intact.
Thanks for understanding.


Larry Stephenson Stage Plot


Please download our
current LSB Stage Plot
for your sound technician
and/or sound company
by click this link:

Larry Stephenson Stage Plot



Penni McDaniel - Hope River Entertainment & Moonstruck Management
Phone: 770.367.1480



Larry Stephenson is proudly on the Whysper Dream Music Label,  Nashville, TN
And proudly Endorses: GHS Strings | Colorado Case | Portrait Design by Dreama


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